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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion MOD APK

Game Story: In the game, players will have access to a Brotherhood HQ as they level up. There, they can train their characters to take on different missions and challenges. Each mission has its own set of settings that can be changed and gameplay. You can also collect upgrades for your characters as you progress in the game. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion MOD APK.

Add missions and a series of achievements to your Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Hack APK experience, then use the in-game currency to access exciting rewards and upgrades to expand your HQ. As you progress, discover new and exciting features that keep the story moving. Collect new characters, upgrade existing ones, upgrade your HQ to your liking and obtain perfect gear for any situation during mission- or achievement-type gameplay. Above all, have fun playing with friends wherever they are in the world who share the same interest in the game!

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The features of Assassin’s Creed Rebellion MOD APK include full game mod support, great enhancements, and customization options.

Bringing your team together with a personalized approach is our focus. We’ll put your team to work using the best tools and present it in a personal way that will bring everyone together.

When players arrive in Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, they will first meet the Brotherhood, the faction where the assasins met in previous games. Players can choose to support one or all of them and use the money to upgrade their skills and training for a better gameplay experience. As players build their foundations in the game, it introduces something new and allows them to collect Legendary Assassins from across its history.


Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is a captivating story about the struggle of an assassin and a knight. This fight has been going on for thousands of years, and it still shapes human history in subtle ways, but there are no signs of an end in sight.

The Templar Alliance is an organization that’s focused on gaining power to control the world. This includes taking away people’s freedom and freedom of choice. The murderous coalition fights for individual liberty and human rights. They believe in empowering individuals to be free.

The diverse character system features a wide range of customization options.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion offers you a chance to experience and create your own Assassin. You can choose from the 70 original members from the game and build up to 20 new ones. New characters have been created by those who have mastered the game and made it their own, just like Ezio, Aguilar, and Shao Jun! Now we get even more variety thanks to DNA fragments collected during missions.

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This game presents a unique set of obstacles. In some cases, the best counter to a threat is not skill-power but rather good teamwork. For example, while your improved Beatriz may be a combat powerhouse, you’ll need supporting characters like Aguilar, Mateo, or even Gaspar to help you avoid any dangerous environmental hazards and keep your squad healthy in preparation for future battles.

When it comes to allocating characters to rooms, it’s important you pick the correct hero for the job. You’ll want a character with a high Production or Crafting stat who can create resources faster in rooms like the Intel Room and Treasury.

See how you can quickly complete all of the achievements!

Collecting achievements isn’t difficult but requires a little patience, as few of these tasks are naturally completed as you progress through the game. You’ll have to manually unlock them from the menu, claim your prizes, and then check your achievements. If you’re looking for more ways to play, keep an eye on the achievement tab in your menu.

In Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion, you’ll be able to quickly progress by completing achievements, farming missions for certain resources, and building your HQ efficiently.
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Continual reminders of the past

This novel is an extraordinary tale that follows the Assassins Creed Rebellion as they learn long-forgotten secrets, journey to the legendary guilds of assassins, and find their own personal scars. The story includes different characters with varying power levels. You can support new team formation activities with 70 characters who have unlimited powers.

Train your troop to be proficient when it comes to their preferred weapons so they can eliminate any mobs in the path for a better composition in the chain of infiltration operations. By locating DNA fragments, you can fortify your army in preparation for future battles and stay safe at the same time. Introduce daily enhancements that continuously boost your abilities as you grow your empire. This will let you construct new structures and vehicles as well.

You’re about to embark on a journey across the globe. You’ll get to play missions in popular landmarks from New York to Paris and back.

Legacy Missions: Unlock and promote specific characters by utilizing their DNA fragments!

Loot Missions: These missions will provide you with materials, crates, and more in exchange for completing various tasks.

Standard Missions: Standard missions offer codex pieces as a prize which can then be used to teach newcomers about the game.

Think about what your hero can do

If you’re having trouble finding your hero, consider the Specialist. Character classes with skills in Disarm, Heal, or Support are called this. These abilities are particularly important for teammates who want to be as healthy as possible so they can work towards defeating their mission’s boss.

We hope you’ll give us five stars out of a possible five.

You can earn a star rating for each completed task. Three stars is reachable by completing one of the tasks but if you complete all 10 there’ll be a three out of 20% chance to earn this ranking. The bar on the Missions map will fill up with stars as you earn them.

In this game, you strategically earn cubes by completing quests in each location. You can finally get your hands on a treasure when you fill up a bar. Furthermore, the more stars you achieve on a mission, the shorter the amount of time it will take for you to complete that mission – which means more stuff and faster!

Upper management

Your HQ can be efficient and effective if you assign people to their tasks based on how suitable they are for that role. Look for the person in the selection screen who has an icon on them when deciding who to assign a space. The lone exception is the Training Room, which is run by no one; make sure you train all of your recruits as much as possible!

Assemble Powerful Weapons

Each Assassin’s Creed game has a different weapon system. Each character can be upgraded to find weapons according to each person’s style and the weapon system lets you track each kill in order to collect points. The best part is that your weapons are leveled up so that you can increase your rarity or strength through saving or just by participating in activities such as hunting animals. On the other hand, artifacts affect all Brotherhood members, and there are numerous ones to collect or unlock as you play the game.

Upgrade to get more powerful.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Mod APK lets you build powerful bases. As your membership grows, you’ll have to expand your base. You can recruit or train hitmen at your base. The task is to increase the stats and improve the completion rate, so you can have more assassinations to complete. With each assassination, the game rewards you with resources that can be used in building new equipment and characters. Lead a powerful band of assassins on a royal bloodline mission to destroy all of Templar’s dark intrigues!

Each Assassin has its own unique purpose, and those purposes are important too. Discover how the different Assassins can help you reach your goals in the series of games we share with you.

Assassins are divided into three categories of uniqueness. Each category has strengths and abilities to discover, reveal, and unlock. And, each assassin has an independent leveling system that allows players to take your game to new heights. Playing through Assassin’s Creed Chronicles will gradually unlock new content for assassins over time – also now in different categories of rarity. In the assassin base, players can recruit new characters to uncover stories and challenges.

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All Assassins Unlocked

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Player Reviews

If you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed, the game may be exactly what you’re looking for. Compelling and enjoyable yet with a serious tone, interesting characters, a well-built story, and familiar mechanics all join forces to create an excellent experience in this new AC title. Playing it on our Bluestack emulator will give you access to high-quality graphics and smoother gameplay, too.

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To ensure you have all the features you need, the MOD version of our app is not available for Google Play.


Want to know how to use the Assassin’s Creed Rebellion MOD APK on your Android device?

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First of all, make sure you’ve deleted any previous version of this game in case it’s already been installed. Then, go to settings and click on security. From there, check the “Enable The Unknown Sources” checkbox(just in case if the installation doesn’t start).

Press the blue “CHANGE” icon ¶

Android has made it easy to install new apps. Here are a few steps to installing this app.

Click on the button below to download

Download the file, and then open it

Download the app on your Android device.

The instructions for this experiment are inside.

Once installed and started, users will enjoy the features of this brilliant game.

How to install Assassin’s Creed Rebellion MOD APK on PC?

Bluestacks helps gamers of all skill levels achieve their gaming ambitions.

Installing Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Mod APK on a PC is very easy. You can either use Bluestacks or NOX player to make the mods available to you. The only things you need to do are download and install the apps and tell the app where to find your APK file.

First of all, no matter what your operating system is (PC or Mac), you’ll need a device that can run Android apps. For example, using the Bluestacks emulator will allow you to run any Android application on your computer.

If you want to use the hack for yourself, we’ve got you covered. You’ll just have to download the mod APK from our website and install it on your device.

1. You need to download the file you want. 2. After downloading, just double-click on it or click on “Import From Windows” for installation purposes.

After installation, click on the launch button and you’ll be good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions About Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

How to build an efficient office space?

Get started by selecting an empty room or pressing the “Build” symbol at the bottom of your screen while viewing your office. Let’s get building! Wood and coins are required to construct a room.

How can I improve my room in the office?

The room you want to improve can be improved with the Improve icon. It will help improve your room’s efficiency and make it easier to assign additional assassins to it. To complete this action, you’ll need wood, stones, or coins.

Hiring an assassin might seem like the easiest part for a CEO, but it actually isn’t.

When you hire a hero, they start in your list of assassins. You can scroll to the top of their page and they will be highlighted red when they are ready to deploy. When you decide who to send on an assassination, simply select the assassin that best fits your objectives.

What does the color/ uniqueness of your assassin mean?

Assassins are based on level of uniqueness and their individual characteristics. Assassin’s strengths and statistics vary depending on the time, effort, and skill spent in creating them. The more unique an assassin is, the stronger, more effective, and harder to find she becomes.

How do you make equipment for your company or project?

Now you can craft equipment with Assassin’s Forge. You’ll need coins, materials, and sometimes another piece of equipment as well as time. And, to stop the procedure press the timer or turn to Helix credits if you don’t have time.

What is blitz mode?
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In Blitz mode, you can send your squad of assassins on a mission, collecting rewards right away. Completing the task will require unlocking it and completing it with three stars; your squad must consist of three heroes with a maximum health. Your assassins will lose a tiny bit of health after completing the assignment, and you’ll receive that reward automatically!

What kinds of backups are available?

If you’ve lost your progress, you can restore your game. Simply tap the brotherhood name in the upper left corner and select “Restore.”
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Search for the Helix credits promo that fits your needs. Some options might include discounts, coupons, bonuses and more.

Helix Credits are a more expensive form of currency. You can obtain them by playing a game, watching in-game adverts, completing quests,and more. They’re available in a variety of values. Shortly after starting the game, you’ll start to get a fair number of credits for free. You can also acquire Helix Credits by watching ads and buying them with microtransactions in the shop.

Welcome! With the growth of a brand-new game, our developers have been hard at work adding new characters, items and features. Find out how to get your new character on their list through our FAQ page.

When you want to obtain new characters, they’re limited to what you can find in DNA Cubes. You might gain more DNA by following daily tasks or missions, as completing these tasks will reward you with new pieces of DNA. They’re also available during special events like the New Years Event and 2nd Anniversary Celebration.

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