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Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK Bus Simulator Indonesia (MOD APK) makes it easy for you to visit a different country from the convenience,
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October 14, 2022
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Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK

Bus Simulator Indonesia (MOD APK) makes it easy for you to visit a different country from the convenience of your living room. If you have time constraints or just don’t travel much, this game is perfect for you! Have fun flying through Indonesian cities and countryside as a bus driver in this role-playing simulation game. f you’re looking for a fun and authentic way to experience what it’s like to be a bus driver in Indonesia, this game is for you. Bus Simulator Indonesia hack apk might not be the first one, but it’s probably one of the only games out there with a lot of cool features and gives you an amazing real-life-like experience of Indonesia! Just choose your favorite bus and go on an interactive adventure with Bus Simulator Indonesia cheat apk and see for yourself how beautifully detailed and immersive the game is. With interactive gameplay and intuitive controls, you get to tour the stunning sights of original Indonesian landscapes while driving a bus.

If you’re a fan of Choose Your Stories, but want to extend your game experience, we’ve got just what you need! Our MOD APK is packed with unlimited gems and passes.

The Bus Simulator MOD APK Is a way to close the cockpit and sense the real bus driving feeling.

Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK

Latest Version 3.7

Size: Very large—not recommended for everyday use.

Developed by Maleo

Worldwide they received 50 million+ downloads!

Root Required? No

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MOD Features An unlimited shopping cart that delivers your orders in only a few clicks!

If you have a compatible email address and browser, you can log in securely.

Realistic and accurate roads make the game more fun, while also giving players a chance to enjoy awesome rides in different types of vehicles.

Bus Simulator 17 will really put you behind the wheel! Whether you’re up for a serious game of driving or play occasionally, this game has got it all. With an authenticity that’s gained from its authenticity, Bus Simulator 17 lets you experience real life in this awesome bus simulation.

These bus simulator apps like Bus Simulator Indonesia Hack APK have a fun and exciting aspect that makes them fun to play. You can also answer a call during gameplay, as well as mess around with your friends while in the game. Transport passengers all over the country, go anywhere, explore any place.
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As Indonesia stands poised to grow as a country, and revenues continue to rise for many involved in the travel industry, companies such as Bus Indonesia Simulator have been on the rise.


If you want to stay safe, you must follow the traffic laws. You might think your in a game where you can do whatever you want, that no one can control you. But it’s impossible in this game otherwise the police will catch you and charge you with a hefty fine or suspend your driver’s license.

Realistic game play

If you’re not familiar with driving a real car or have never driven a simulator before, playing this game might be harder for you. If it is generally true that simulated cars are easier to drive, then be prepared to be amazed at the realism of this game with such functionalities designed just like car.

Customizable Weather

We do not have any information about Bus Simulator Indonesia.

How about a game that features a unique setting, and with an interactive day and night cycle? Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK gives you this experience. Weather conditions will keep changing, and player needs to take necessary precautions in order to cope with different weather conditions. Plus, players can change the weather as they please!


There are many great games currently in the market that are built on a high-resolution 3D graphics platform and use advanced technologies to handle post-production images such as simulation technology or physical collision handling. It’s usually a lot of data that needs to be installed on your device to work properly, which is why you’ll need a large amount of storage space. Don’t worry though because the game has clear and sharp graphics even after being compressed to the maximum extent, and it will still provide you with an amazing gaming experience. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on brand new equipment. Older phones should also be able to enjoy the gameplay without any difficulty.

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Video games are becoming increasingly easy for people to play, many thanks to the touchscreen. When playing games on a screen with a touch screen, the gameplay is simple and easy to control. This game focuses mainly on managerial issues so it’s got no challenges or complications; in fact, this game is relatively hard to beat even if you’re experienced at video games.

Bus Driver Simulator

Bus Simulator Indonesia is the best android game right now, with tons of buses, horns, and roads. Not only will you find incredible Indonesian cities like Wonogiri and others, but you’ll also be able to follow them as they are based on actual Indonesia. RPs serve as the in-game currency that lets you buy cranes, buses, drivers, modules or any other in-game assets.

Apart from the in-game currency names, RPs are an extremely expensive investment. It takes a lot of dedication to earn them through tasks, which means you’ll have to put in a lot of work. However, we’ve got you covered with Bus Simulator Indonesia AR MOD APK. It’s (a) premium or (b) magical app that gives us unlimited access to buy everything we need without paying a dime. You can also upgrade your buses’ engines, suspensions and tyres without any money spent thanks to these RPs. So download the mod right now and start your adventure as an experienced driver for free!

Customize your bus

Buses are one of the most extensively used modes of transportation in the world. They have the ability to transport a huge amount at once and move quickly from one site to another. Bus Simulator Indonesia is the game for you if you’ve always wanted to try driving one. You can practice driving a variety of buses available in Indonesia by participating in this game.
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Every vehicle in Gran Turismo Sport comes with different engines and specifications. Many of these can be unlocked by playing the game’s Career Mode.

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You’ll need some money to get started, but that’s okay. You can earn more by playing Career Mode. You can even change the horn and beacon of your vehicle so it looks like your custom bus. Additional customization options include changing the color and adding your initials on the front or back of the bus.

Many authentic cities and locations, with travel advice and ideas.

The Bus Simulator games have been available for multiple mobile platforms, and now, there’s one coming to PC. This new game allows players to experience realistic bus driving simulations that they can play with their friends, family, or even bus operators from around the world.

Buy cheap bus tickets and explore these lovely cities. Each has its own iconic scenery and sites for you to wander for hours on end. Stops will allow existing customers to exit and new customers to enter. It’s almost as if you’re driving your own bus through the beautiful countryside of a virtual country. Furthermore, the authentic and realistic cities will inspire creativity in any writer who travels them in their writing, assuming they pass the challenge of not needing to leave their house.

This map of Tampa shows the city with detailed features, incredibly accurate views and realistic designs.

If you’ve been looking for a game that turns real cities into virtual ones, Cities: Skylines will get you there. With amazingly detailed and realistic maps, including traffic lights and cars going their own way in clever AI, you’ll enjoy these extremely customizable games.


Bus Simulator is a game that revolves around buses. Gamers are paid after each journey is completed with specific amounts of money that accounts for the cost of the trip, distance traveled, number of passengers, and frequency of fuel-ups at gas stations along the route. The map spanned by the Jakarta to Surabaya route offers a lot of routes, so gamers can explore opportunities. Download and play our Bus Simulator mod apk to maximize your resources in this game!

As a result, the time a player spends after installing is quite long. It also requires a lot of effort from gamers to even complete the entire area. Prior to getting behind the wheel of a bus, gamers can practice driving virtually with Indian Train Simulator MOD APK.

Getting around in traffic

Travel your way to six different cities in order to drop passengers off at the various locations from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tune in their conversations and hear warnings and other information about their commute in the hopes of finishing bus simulator Indonesia on time with minimal traffic and delays.

When you need a financial boost right away, Unlimited Money can help! Our team is always available to help by providing you with reliable loans.

This Bus Simulator Unlimited Money Mod Apk comes with a limitless money script that allows you to earn unlimited in-game RPS. Spend these RPS on any vehicle, from buses to motorcycles, as there are four different vehicles to choose from: Bayu, Mulyono, Gilang, and Annisa. It even has GP upgrades for each type of vehicle so you can modify your buses for faster speeds and better breaks.

Previously in this game you could only access the top speed of 100km/h by accelerating. However, Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk is one of our newer creations and it has enhanced the bus with an exhaust feature. You can now reach speeds of 200km/h while playing this game. The best part is that all RPs sell endless exhaust and unlimited cranes that allow you to take a shortcut around dangerous sections of your route.

No Advertizing

The majority of the advertisements in this game are ever-present, and they are very intrusive. The thing that is the most frustrating about these ads is that you cannot skip an ad without spending money. And when you do, it doesn’t solve your problem because there are more ads to watch after 30 seconds.

While the official simulator takes you to amazing places around the globe, this one will let you explore different parts of Indonesia.

Customize your rides as you see fit

Gorgeous maps with stunning designs and realistic elements

Cool, interesting, and iconic honks.

Unlock content by connecting to your Google Play Services account on a desktop or mobile device.

Build and customize your own 3D model of vehicles, allowing for realistic and complex designs.

Unique Buses is your one-stop shop for luxury buses in all shapes and sizes. Our services range across the globe, and we want to help you find the best bus rental rentals that fit your budget, as well as walk you through every step of the process.

Authentic Indonesian cities and places, like Jakarta, the island of Niugini, and Borobudur.

Advertisers cannot push their ads while driving


Data saved in the cloud

Use your own 3D model using a vehicle mod system

Free multiplayer 3D transportation simulation game

Having a lot of money is definitely never bad.

Indonesia has buses with detailed and realistic designs.

With Bus Simulator Indonesia, players get to experience the fear and excitement of bus driving in an unprecedented way. The game features 10 fully licensed buses from real Indonesian companies both old and new, each with its own distinct design. With a variety of perspectives on the profession and life as a bus driver, you’ll enjoy this simulation game for hours on end.

One of the most popular mobile games in Indonesia is Bus Simulator Indonesia. The game has tons of players who provide all sorts of reviews, and they’re quite positive overall.

Players Reviews

The gameplay of Euro Truck is an amazing sight to watch and play. As for other things that should improve, the game should have an option to start the next journey from where we left off in the last one. The roads in-game can be made better. If you want to see a better steering wheel rotation, have a look at Euro Truck by Ovidiu Pop. Other improvements would be to add maps from other countries such as India, Thailand, and countries from Eurasia beyond Europe and Russia.

Update: We’ve fixed the traffic light system for all of you to better reflect how it looks like normally. The yellow light is now on between the red and green lights. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused, but we hope you can understand the reasoning behind it. Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions as usual, because we’re always open for ideas!

Find any new city in Indonesia and its routes in Java and Sumatra. Update old cities in Indonesia. Choose challenging routes, including traffic laws, and make sure that you stay true to your end goal of staying safe and making it your own. Make other people use the trails. Get a personal license for drivers to transport passengers themselves. Find places to eat and rest. Create new hotel listings or update existing ones if possible for uniquely Indonesian hotels with local flair.

We are sorry to inform you that The MOD Version isn’t available on Google Play. If you have any questions about this please reach out to us at support@themodapp.com.

There are millions of games and apps available on the Google Play store, and every one of them needs to follow some set of rules as directed by Play Store. In the case of Bus Simulator MOD APK, it has not followed these rules because its premium or modded version isn’t available on Play Store. That’s why it’s not listed on Google Play.

How to Install ‘Bus Simulator Indonesia’ MOD APK on Android?

First of all, make sure to delete any previous version of Bus Simulator Indonesia APK installed on your device. Then, go to settings and click “security” and make sure “Unknown Sources(just in case if the installation doesn’t start).

Allow Unknown Sources.

It’s easy to install this app on an Android device. Here are a few steps to help you make that installation.

Click the download button below to get started.

Open the download once it finishes.

Android users can install the app, then set it up in a few simple steps.
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Follow all the instructions given by the author.

How to install Bus Simulator Indonesia APK on PC?

Software for Windows, Mac and Android

You can install the Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK on a PC by using any of these two programs: Bluestacks or NOX player. Here’s how.

1. First of all, you will have to download and install the Bluestacks software into your computer. This software uses an emulator and is used to run any mobile application on a computer.

1. Install the Emulator.
Then, download the mod APK that you need to install in your emulator.
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1. After downloading the software, it’ll prompt you to begin installation. 2. The finished product will be installed on your computer automatically.

Once you’ve clicked “Install,” make sure to click the “Launch” button in order to start using WordAi.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Bus Simulator in Indonesia.

Does it have multiplayer options?

Bus Simulator Indonesia has multiplayer options.

Want to play Bus Simulator Indonesia with other friends? Click the Multiplayer Mode option and select OK! Be aware that there is a minimum amount of money required to enter Multiplayer Mode. Your friend will need to have forty thousand dollars in-game in order to enter the mode.

How do you unlock new bus routes in Bus Simulator?

In order to receive the most points and make a good score, you must complete three objectives. The first objective will require you to drive at night, construct two new routes, and paint your bus. In 15 minutes, you can do all of these things.

How do you create a route in bus simulator? Let’s start with what that means.  In order to create a route, you’ll need to press ‘W’, then click on the blue dots – these represent stops along the way. You can also tweak your bus by adjusting its speed, turning radius or acceleration/deceleration settings.

When you want to create a new route, click the “Create Route” button.

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Hopefully, after reading this article guide on Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK, you can feel confident and clear on everything related to the game. If you have any questions, or need more information, tell us in the comment section below. We’ll love to answer them for you.

Thank you for your interest in our products.