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November 06,2022
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Diamond Rush MOD APK

Game Outline A prehistorian went to Angkor Wat fully intent on mining jewels yet rather found a mystery seal with three precious stone mining locales. He understood he expected to track down three precious stones: Angkor Wat’s Fire Jewel, Bavaria’s Silver Precious stone, and Siberia’s Ice Jewel. Somebody, be that as it may, didn’t maintain that he should arrive at the gems and get familiar with the seal’s confidential. He set traps all through the region as a whole.Diamond Rush MOD APK.

The player assumes command over a courageous pilgrim on a journey for precious stones through the wildernesses of Angkor Wat, Bavaria’s prisons, and Siberia’s freezing burrows. The three universes are isolated into forty levels. The objective is to gather a specific amount of jewels to open the entryway that will lead you to the following room, yet there will be risks on the stage that you should stay away from, for example, fire traps, tremendous lances, and irregular rivals. During the journey, you will actually want to scan chests for things, for example, precious stones, which can be purple or red, as well as an additional life.Diamond Rush MOD APK.

Precious stone Rush is basically a 2D experience game.

You need to gather precious stones to pass the game level. The trouble of the game increments with the level. After each level, you will confront numerous challenges to finish a higher level. There are many riddles to settle while gathering precious stones in the game. Fire and shakes are the adversaries of the game.Diamond Rush MOD APK.

You need to shield yourself from fire and stones.

In the event that the fire raises a ruckus around town, they kick the bucket and the level begins once again. To partake in the full game in the free adaptation of Precious stone Rush, you really want to buy different in-game things for genuine cash. You can get the free preliminary adaptation.That is the manner by which we change the game. In the free variant, you need to stand by some time to purchase or recharge a daily existence. Subsequent to finishing a level you will get 3 free lives. Assuming that you pass on at similar level multiple times, you should hang tight or pay for your life in contemplation.Diamond Rush MOD APK.

Precious stone Rush MOD APK Elements

Limitless number of jewels

You want jewels to open a higher level and riddles. The point of the game is to gather however many precious stones as could be expected under the circumstances. Precious stones are quite possibly of the most significant and hardest element in the game, which is the reason you can get limitless jewels in Precious stone Rush mode. With limitless precious stones, you can open anything you desire.

Interminable life

Life is a significant piece of the game. In the event that you lose at least multiple times in the game, you should trust that your life will be reestablished. All life is vital with regards to playing. That is the reason we chose to add the Limitless Lives component to the game. You can partake in the game like a divine being with the assistance of limitless life.

No promotions

In the free variant, you need to deal with your advertisements. Promoting is one of the most irritating things with regards to games. In the event that you’re a gamer, you understand what I mean. Advertisements occupy you while playing the game and you feel extremely exhausted. In Jewel Rush mod APK you don’t need to mess with promotions. As an expert gamer, you can partake in the game. If you would rather not buy the exceptional variant of the game, you want to download and introduce this mod.

Cash that won’t ever run out

One of the main parts of the game is cash. You’ll require cash to purchase different merchandise all through the game. To get to occasions and substantially more, you’ll require cash. You can purchase lives and keys regardless of cash.

There are no restrictions to the number of lives you that can have

The game’s most significant part is life. In the event that you lose multiple times in succession in the game, you should trust that your life will be reestablished. While playing the game, each life is vital. Subsequently, we’ve chosen to remember a limitless life choice for the game. With the assistance of boundless lives, you can play the game like a divine being.


You have most likely played Minecraft, and assuming this is the case, you can presumably foresee that Jewel Mission is like that game, which has negligible illustrations however a lot of tomfoolery and activity. Likewise, remember that we never advance any games or APK-like instruments; all things being equal, we essentially share the Best Mod APK with you, which incorporates a totally refreshed form where you might get extra modded highlights, alongside a direct download connect. Incidentally, that’s what we’ll exhort assuming you’ve proactively played Minecraft and like the illustrations, congrats! You could likewise partake in this Precious stone Mission, so evaluate the fresh out of the box new Experience game immediately for nothing.

Audio effects

Since each gamer knows, experience games ought to continuously have various audio effects that they can browse. We will appreciate playing this game in light of the fact that the designer likewise incorporates a few astounding audio cues. Anything that we can prompt you on, assuming that you appreciate experience games, attempt the pristine Jewel Journey, which incorporates a lot of sensible sounding audio cues. As we recently expressed, our obligation is to just offer you the Best Mod APK; in this way, click the download connection to get to the modded form immediately.

Precious stones endlessly

To advance to a higher level and tackle the riddles, you’ll require jewels. The objective of the game is to store up however many jewels as could reasonably be expected. The jewel is one of the game’s most critical and troublesome parts. You can get boundless precious stones in the Jewel Rush mod. You can open all that you want with the assistance of boundless precious stones.

All that has been opened.

There are around 40 levels and 200 conundrums in this game. There are various items in the game that should be opened. Winning fights is the best way to get those things and levels.

Everything is opened in the mod. To open the game’s elements, you don’t need to pause or win levels. You can utilize this capability to play your #1 levels without opening them.

Contrast Between Free APK and MOD APK

Free version Modded adaptation
No exceptional features All premium highlights
Restricted lives Unlimited lives
Need to open everything Everything opened
Advertisements issue No promotions issue
Everything is limited Everything is limitless
Auto updates Auto refreshes
No root No root
Players Surveys
Players Surveys

• This is an extraordinary game yet there is a bug in front of an audience 1 level 4, in specific puts on the board you need to get your thumb as far as possible across the screen to get the person to move and it’s an aggravation when you just want to move only 1 spot however l expectation theirs more levels to come and l have a world J7, and there is a designated spot the dark chip is the designated spot when you get out touch the chip symbol in the upper right corner simply under the home symbol and it returns you to last chip you went through.

• I essentially partake in this game, yet it needs a ton of upgrades:

1. It needs a sort of joystick. It’s terrible assuming we need to continue to swipe the screen anyplace to work the person.

2. It needs designated spots. To the extent that I played this game (level 2), I can’t track down any designated spot, as in the first game, for me to return when I’m stuck.

3. I found the person stuck while he’s maintaining a stone, yet he can’t escape by the same token. He’s neither dead nor ready to move anything. So amusing.


How to Introduce Jewel Rush MOD APK on Android?

Most importantly, make a point to erase any past form of this game introduced on your gadget.


Empower Obscure Sources

Introduce the application on your android gadget.
When it is appropriately introduced, begin, and partake in the astounding elements of this awesome application.

How to Introduce Precious stone Rush MOD APK on PC?

It’s extremely simple to Introduce Jewel Rush MOD APK on a PC.

Much of the time Posed Inquiries About Precious stone Rush MOD APK

Is WWE Precious stone Rush MOD APK protected to utilize?

Your cell phone or Google drive could show you that this record is tainted with the infection yet it’s not.

In this way, you can definitely relax and introduce it.

Is Jewel Rush MOD APK free?

Along these lines, in fact, this application is totally free.

Might we at any point play Jewel Rush MOD APK whenever?

There is no time cutoff to playing this game. We have not tried this application from different destinations so we don’t know about their APKs, yet assuming you download it from our website