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Homescapes MOD APK Homescapes offers cool graphics that gamers love, and offers a vibrant new world for the player’s character.
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October 22, 2022
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Homescapes MOD APK

Homescapes offers cool graphics that gamers love, and offers a vibrant new world for the player’s character. Amazing color, compelling gameplay, and a cute story make it all worth your time. You’ll get hooked before you know it! In the Homescapes game, you’re not just solving puzzles. You’re also working on a huge home renovation project. You can earn stars in the levels, which you can use to clean up the dilapidated estate and purchase new furniture for your makeover. This is an article about the Homescapes MOD APK.

App Name is a mobile game you can find on APK Mirror.

Latest Version – 5.7.4

The file size of this attachment is 150 MB.


The app is available for download on Android devices.

Requirement 4.2 and higher

Root not required.

The MOD is packed with everything you could want and more. You’ll be able to enjoy unlimited stars, plus all the features of the MOD that we’ve unlocked.

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The game starts with Austin having an amazing dream of a childhood trip. He will never forget it, and gamers will love the many exciting activities they can enjoy–more than just a simulator. They’ll get to enjoy fun and engaging storylines, like when Austin helps you restore life-long memories of your childhood at home and meeting interesting people. You can do whatever you want in the house–decorate it, change the interior design, and even find secrets that nobody has found for decades! The casual and comfortable gameplay offers this for you. It can be easy to get frustrated with the gameplay in Homescapes APK. In fact, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this beginner’s guide. You’ll learn a few things that should help you out before getting started. You May Also Like – My Talking Tom 2 for Android You May Also Like – Game of War MOD

The Homescape MOD APK includes the following features:

– Beautiful graphics and a stunning visual style
– Fully of scope levels, including several hidden object scenes
– Buy furnishings to customize your house to match your personal taste
– Breakthrough game puzzles with lots of twists and turns
– Gorgeous animations and characters designed by professional artists
– And even more amazing things you’ll have to experience for yourself!

A game with engaging graphics and gameplay is much more likely to keep the interest of gamers than a game with bad graphics.

One of the pre-installed games on your Android smartphone is Homescape. This game provides beautiful animated images and a 3D engine, while also being suitable for both men and women. Download this game in order to help Austin’s housekeeper build a home. The gameplay is designed to look like a cartoon, where the main character is Austin’s housekeeper. At the same time, this character can be played when you want to do whatever you please. Along with the in-game gaming experience, don’t forget about the exciting conversations and stories that appear in this game.

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One of the most loved and popular game genres is the endless runner. This type of game has been taken to a whole new level with Austin’s Endless Games and Missions. You’ll be able to help the Dobsons renovate their home by taking on a series of challenging missions for this family who live in Austin, Texas. You’ll also enjoy multiple different game modes as you fully explore all there is to see in this beautiful, interactive neighborhood.

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If you want to design your own home, Homescapes APK offers a simple and addictive game. Customize every detail of your house from different cultures and decorate it to be more beautiful than ever before!

Have fun engaging with interesting and well-defined characters.

Meet your friendly neighbors from Austin’s hometown for the first time. Each one has its own personality and story, and there are different levels of variation in this game to make it even more interesting. You’ll have fun playing as you watch them live their lives and interact with each other. Definitely return to the classic game you’ve always loved with this one.

We can’t help but feel a connection to the protagonist’s life as the story unfolds.

The dreams of an idyllic childhood are some of the most memorable we have. Austin is just like any other person – he’s experienced many different homes, but his favorite was the one where he grew up with his parents. His childhood home held many happy memories for him, so he decided to go back after so many years away. Austin was not expecting the interior of the mansion to look so bad. He remembers that his parents would visit and things seemed comfortable enough. However, when he returned, all he saw was damage: the carpet had been forgotten for a long time, the room appeared dirty and dusty after a period of inactivity, and the chair was torn. What’s more is that the stairs were damaged. Mr. Austin didn’t know what this all meant until he finally decided to fix up the house in preparation for his parents’ return. This app includes everything you need to make your presentation come alive Homescapes APK. You can include graphics, infographics, and animated visuals. You also have the ability to include sound effects and other embellishments, making your content more immersive for listeners.

The new and improved site is up and running, so your visitor experience will be much more enjoyable.

Once you start playing, you’ll meet Austin, the main character. He is a butler with a lot of experience in refurbishing homes. The twist is that he has been given this task by himself. Fortunately, he has you, the player, to help him gather the items he needs from a vast estate to complete his task.

Even at its worst, it’s clear this house will require a lot of work to get back up to standards. To continue with the renovations, you’ll need stars — a type of currency in this game that can be used for cleaning, fixing problems, buying new furniture, and doing general upgrades. The only way to earn stars is by solving difficult matching puzzles and playing other games.

Homescapes APK  puzzles are all match-3 boards and offer a variety of puzzles. There are different objectives for each stage, but all involve cleaning up the board by matching blocks of the same color. Some levels will ask you to clear a certain amount of blocks, while others require you to cover the entire board.

Increase Your Confidence

Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game where you strategically remove pieces from boards by matching three or more of the same pieces. Game objectives involve clearing tiles in a variety of situations, like when an object drops from the sky and blocks your next move.

There are six different types of Boosters in Homescapes APK and they can really help you clear the board faster. One is selected before you start a level, and the other three can be used during gameplay.

Comparing and contrasting

You might feel like you’re not making any progress if you only clear three tiles each turn. A power-up should be used to clear as many tiles as possible every time it’s your turn.

In this game, you can obtain power-ups by matching four in a row or column, like rockets and planes. Bombs are obtained when you match five in an L-shape or cross, like this. And if you collect five in a row or column, like these balls here — that’s the rainbow ball! The important thing to remember is that power-ups will help clear levels faster. When two positions swap, the combined power-up makes it even more amazing.

One of my favorite power-ups is the Rainbow Ball. When this appears, every piece of that type will turn into a plane. The plane will fly to different parts of the level, quickly clearing all obstacles in its path and helping finalize your level. Plus, I find this power-up really exciting to watch!

Preparation is always key.

When you get to this level, we’ll need to consider how to best cover the larger area. For example, we’ll want to create a path for tiles in the middle of the board to be opened quickly and not overcrowded with carpet.

As you play the game, it’s important to keep track of each stage. A comprehensive understanding will let you progress without a lot of trouble or confusion. Always study the board before you make moves to make sure you’ll always have the best option available.

If you see a level full of cookies and no other items, throw bombs at it rather than rockets. Bombs will shatter the cookies into spectacular piles, but rockets lose altitude as soon as they interact with a cookie. A level full of jelly is the perfect time for rockets, but use smart tactics to win the game.

I love Rocket Boosts because they’re the best.

There are many ways to complete the puzzle board in PuzzlePop. One of the most effective ones is by going after boosters as often as possible. That’s because when you line up more than three objects horizontally or vertically, it becomes a booster. For example, a Rocket Booster is made when four objects are lined up in a row.

There are three distinct boosters in the game: The Bomb, which is obtained after five pieces are matched together in a L shape (this will clear out any pieces inside the blast radius); The Paper Plane, which can be made by matching four of the remaining pieces that is best suited for removal with each other (This will clear all the identical puzzle parts that match your Rainbow Ball and switches); And last but not least, the Rainbow Ball, which may be obtained after five like-objects are horizontally or vertically matched together. Bombs clean out any pieces inside their blast radius; Paper Planes target comparable puzzle parts to remove them all and eliminates them entirely; And finally, when you match five identical objects with your Rainbow Ball, it will remove all of those pieces from your board.

Discover all the in-game hidden secrets

Get a loyal and cute pet.

You and your friends will have fun while playing the game

If you complete multiple objectives and achievements, you’ll receive extra rewards.

Play unique, challenging games and take part in immersive events.

Mod Unlocked

If you want to customize your experience in the interactive mobile app, install our mod.

Players Reviews

Blogger Reviews

I recommend that you avoid the pay-to-play aspects of this game until you need to use a power up or if two are next to each other. It’s best to get accustomed to the easy boards so that when you do come across one, you know what you’re doing. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best phone game ever!

• It’s been fun, but on some levels, I don’t have any boosters or gold so I’ll be stuck waiting for the perfect layout to finish a level. Doing that means that I can’t complete side tasks, and it can get frustrating. A few times, I’ve almost quit, but God has helped me through it every time. So far, so good! There are still levels though where no matter what I do, I can’t pass unless the right combo of things falls into place.

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The MOD Version Isn’t Available On Google Play?

One of the rules of Google Play Store is that applications must not be modded or premium versions. It does not provide any non-premium version of Homescapes APK. This is why this game doesn’t exist in the play store.

How do I install the Homescapes APK?

If you have any previous versions of this game installed on your device, you’ll need to delete them. Next, go to Settings > Security > Enable the “Allow installation of Apps from Unknown Sources” just in case the installation doesn’t work correctly.

Enable destination

Installation of this file is very straightforward. Please follow these few steps to install the app on your Android device.

To download the document, click on the button below.

Wait until the download is complete, then open it.

Download the App to your Android device.

The instructions are found inside the box.

Hey you, are you looking for a game that’s even more fun and exciting? Once it is properly installed, start the game and experience some amazing features.

The free Bluestacks app provides you with the ability to access your PC from anywhere in the world.

Installing Homescapes MOD APK is really easy on PC. You can install it using Bluestacks or NOX player. Here’s how:

1. Download the Bluestacks emulator onto your computer. Bluestacks is a mobile app emulator used to run apps on your PC.

Downloading the APK file to your PC is necessary after installing the emulator. Download it from our website.

1 Download the zip file and extract its contents. 2 Run the executable or select “Import from Windows” for installation purposes.

4. Once installation is complete, click on the green launch button and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here are the answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about Homescapes.

Is it difficult to use the booster Double planes in Homescapes?

The Double Planes booster can be earned as a reward or purchased on before the game’s start. It’s especially effective on challenging fields with difficult-to-reach goals. Before you begin the level, click the Twin Airplanes symbol in the interface to activate it. Although the booster will not appear on field, all planes constructed at this level are automatically double their size and all cards will have two copies. If you make a combo of two Airplanes while passing a level, there would be five of them each hitting targets individually.

How do you use the hammer booster in Homescapes?

The hammer is a type of treasure that you can only find in match-3 levels. Without spending a move, the hammer will break through a chip or one layer of any obstruction (i.e., one chain of two). To use the booster, first click on the symbol to select it, then click on the cell where you want to clear out a chip or impediment.

How do I create a new room in Homescapes?

When you finish restoring one of our rooms, you’ll be ready to move on to the next one. Most rooms take three to six game levels to restore. Once completed, a fully repaired room will have all its duties completed. To complete an activity and earn stars, all you need is a single match-3 level. You can track your progress on the tablet as well as view a list of current work requests on your lower-left screen corner

Learn all about how to get stars for Homescapes

You can’t complete primary home repair projects without stars, which is why you need to play match-3 levels. You gain one star for each match-3 level you finish. At the Furry Story event, you’ll also get stars.

How does Homescapes’ Daily Bonus work?

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After ten levels, you will receive a daily reward. Austin will place a beautiful calendar on the wall of his room once the level is done. The calendar window can be accessed in game at any moment, and by clicking on it, you can gain a bonus. Free coins or various boosters are examples of these bonuses. If you check into the game every day without missing a single day, your bonus grows. Finally, on the seventh day, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic super gift! If you skip a day, your progress will stop and be reset to zero. You’ll have to start over with the first-day prize again.

How do I change my avatar in Homescapes?

If you want to change your avatar, open the game’s settings and select Edit Profile from the drop-down menu. Click Continue when you’ve selected your new profile picture.

What is a union in Homescapes?

A union is a group of players who have banded together for mutual aid and communication. Allies can send each other lives and perform cooperative actions in-game. There are two types of unions – open and closed. Open unions are open to anyone, but closed unions require the leader’s agreement in order to join them. The union may only have up to 30 members at one time. Click the button in the bottom left corner of the screen to access the union’s window.

I’ve been trying to transfer my Homescapes progress from my old device to a new one and it’s not working.

If you want to transfer your progress from a previous device, connect the new game to the same Facebook account that was used on your previous device.

To install the game on your new device, download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Connect the game you downloaded with the same Facebook account that you used during gameplay.

Click the Download button in the window that appears.

Click Confirm to confirm.

If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can also sync your progress using iCloud:

Before you connect the new device to the iCloud account, make sure it’s already logged into that same iCloud account on a different device.

Press the download button on your device.

As long as you can connect to the internet, you’ll be able to see your progress online in real time. Progress will be downloaded from the cloud automatically.


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