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King Of Avalon MOD APK- King of Avalon is a skill-based strategy game where you are given a kingdom to reign over.
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October 22, 2022
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King Of Avalon MOD APK

King Of Avalon MOD APK- King of Avalon is a skill-based strategy game where you are given a kingdom to reign over. From there, your quest for conquest begins. The resources you receive can be used to conquer like the king did and devise a strategic plan to win wars and become emperor. You can find a summary of the conflict in each skirmish, rather than actually watching the conflict. You need to plan your moves in the battlefield and make sure that you have the appropriate units on hand to meet different combat challenges. If you’ve recently arrived at Avalon, and are looking for ways to recover Excalibur for all that is righteous and just, refer to our complete King of Avalon guide below! In this article, you’ll find information about King of Avalon MOD APK.

King of Avalon MOD APK

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10 MB

Developed by Century Games Limited

Platform: Android

Requirements Any version from the 5.0 release upwards

50 million+ people have all downloaded this software.

Root is not required.

This app offers unlimited gold and also unlocks all features.

Speak to us for help with getting APKs on Google Play.

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King Arthur was killed in battle by his cousin Mordred. His body now rests on the sacred island of Avalon next to the mighty sword Excalibur.

The game starts with a King of Avalon text, which is set in a fantastic medieval England. This takes us back to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. You can build a mighty city, recruit knights for your army, and increase your war strategy skills. In this way, you can enter battle when needed. However, if you want to become stronger, join an alliance with other players and survive all enemy attacks! The great war between kings is about to start! Build the strongest empire ever!

You can raise dragons and build an army in PvP missions to defeat Excalibur and become king. You’ll know victory, power, friends, enemies, and chat with players from around the world while fighting in multiplayer adventures. When Arthur died, his throne left an empty space. Prepare for the Middle Ages as you take part in this epic battle to conquer a kingdom with a dragon!

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The King Of Avalon MOD APK includes features such as
Unlimited usage of the Platinum plan

Gold is the most valuable resource in King of Avalon, and is as important as any other. You can get gold by completing daily quests or racing in tournament events. On the market, you can purchase virtual gold with real money. But if you want to avoid spending money on the game, you can download our hack mod and use it to generate unlimited gold coins for your account. There are many other resources on offer via the mod, including some that will be added straight to your account. One of those resources is gold, which ranks as one of the most valuable in-game currencies available.

No matter what produce, lumber, or metals you need, we’ll provide them for you. In fact, no matter what resources you come to need, we’ll be able to supply them.

Just as troops need food to survive, the city needs other resources to grow. Food can be obtained or collected by attacking neighboring towns. You must keep the troops fed at all times because they require nourishment. To help feed your troops, you can create farms or cities that produce edible goods. Farms and cities take time to create and will not be finished right away.

Now you can get Iron without the use of an Iron Mine. You just need to upgrade your structures and eliminate the need for production time. Silver is a valuable material that you’ll get from Silver Mines. In order to produce more Silver, construct as many Silver Mines as possible so your production doesn’t run out. Finally, there are Gold resources. These are not necessarily the most valuable materials in the game; they’re actually limited in supply, so you must ration them wisely. Upgrade frequently to access higher tier upgrades.

Fight fire with fire

Fire Dragons have different styles of fighting and are a better option than standard warriors.

One of the most powerful weapons in King of Avalon: Dominion is the magical fire dragon. It can be used by any faction desired and is known for its destructive nature and mythical status. Players will be able to train their own dragons in fierce encounters with these fantastical beings, making them your allies and never-betraying friends. The dragon’s power rivals that of an entire army, and their presence always provides a significant advantage in battles and skirmishes.

Get stronger in your area of expertise.

A kingdom is nothing without its stronghold. It’s your responsibility to ensure that fortresses stay under your control by leveling them up whenever you have enough supplies. The higher the level, the more facilities and features you can access. This is a crucial strategy in the early game.

You can get your fortress up to battle-ready status in King of Avalon. That might be a challenge, though, if you’re short on time or resources. It’s a good idea to upgrade your constructions until you need the fortress upgrades because this will help keep your progress going. If you rush through the game, you’ll end up facing obstacles that are much more difficult than they need to be.

Make sure to maintain the same level as your heroes and dragons.

Your heroes need to be at the top of their game to battle and prevent monsters from taking over. Numerous activities will help you do that, including Hero EXP, Hero Shards, and Hero Skill Scrolls. You can find them through quests and events or by defeating monsters in Summoning Circle. Using Hero Shards on a hero’s star level will also give them an advantage in battle. However, rarer heroes require more shards to raise a star level, which makes them harder to start up early on.

A hero’s abilities really set them apart on the battlefield. Hero Skill Scrolls are used to level these up independently. Hero Skill Scrolls produce a similar output of points to that of Hero EXP.

Go out into the field

To explore, tap the lower left button on your screen. Most importantly, you’ll find many sources of rewards here, such as mines and farms. The majority of the game’s excitement comes from capturing monsters or other players, or spending time in old tunnels.

We’ll discuss how to handle defending your city later in this tutorial.

If you’re able to catch a rival player off guard, you can camp near their city. However, if they come looking for you and find you instead, it will result in the loss of your troops, but not enough to put you at any real risk.

The variety of resources available in this region is astonishing, so you’ll find it much easier to train troops and upgrade defenses. In addition, you’ll be able to quickly produce coveted supplies. Just by going out here more often, doesn’t that sound nice?

Alliance Participation

Joining a King of Avalon clan, guild or alliance can be beneficial on many different levels. One option is an alliance research component that grants boosts to each member in proportion to what they’ve contributed. It could include anything from marching speed to soldier boosts, depending on the research. Another benefit comes in the form of Gift Locker, which can be used for donating resources to receive resources in return.

The Gift Locker is a feature where every alliance member has the ability to receive varying amounts of gold from their partners. Alliance members, and you too, can donate these presents among the players who are present. Alliances have a specialized shop in addition to all of the swag that you can earn for joining.

Browse through your inventory

Struggling with what to do next in the game? Pop open your inventory and see if you have any items that could help.

To reap the benefits of the resource packs, you should monitor your inventory on a regular basis. Some are momentary bonuses – others are resource packs that are good for replenishing your food, wood, and iron supplies. Other things you may find in your inventory include treasure chests that require key synthesis to uncover their contents.

It’s possible they are Speedup items if they aren’t any of them. These items can be used to shorten the amount of time needed for city construction, upgrading, or training. It’s important to use these wisely and only when necessary. Enemy armies come an attack I haven’t finished upgrading my wall. My wall takes 7 hours to finish, while they come in 10 minutes. To thwart the attack, I might wish to use a Speedup on my wall’s improvement.

Dragon wants you to be happy.

Dragons are incredibly beneficial and powerful in the Android game, King of Avalon: Cheat APK. With the dragons, you can conquer and conquer your kingdom quickly. However, despite how important they are, they won’t help as much if you don’t focus on them from the beginning. That’s why dragons depends on skills. For unlimited resources, download the King of Avalon Mod APK. You’ll be able to give your dragons different skills depending on their rank – Defense, Gathering, Attack or Monster Skills. There are eight sub-skills for each major skill type – Guardians allow for higher attack and defense power for the dragon currently being used while Assault is more concerned with attacking other creatures in battle even if not using a dragon.

EXP for Dragons has no limit

Dragons must be upgraded in order to unlock new Dragon Skills and Upgrade Slots. You can also upgrade to the highest level possible, level 70. To upgrade your dragons, use the King of Avalon Mod APK with this handy feature.

War, everywhere

Multiplayer kingdoms battling one another in warfare!

Dragons! A legendary weapon of massive power

Spies are trained to extract information from enemies.

Chat with us!

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Be a part of our Empire

Command a squad of true-to-life soldiers in tactical battles with realistic animations

Epic free MMO fantasy adventure!

No time for writing? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You get unlimited gold automatically with this plan, which means you can always purchase what you need without worrying about running out of credits.


It’s always important to read reviews written by users to understand if this game is going to be a good fit. After all, AdventureQuest 3D is a massive multiplayer game with incredible features like: beautifully-designed environments, a deep storyline, and items that change the gameplay.

Player reviews

• I’m well into the late game now but wait, there’s so much more now. P2P heavy, but to be expected. Quite frankly, the difference between F2P and P2P for me is whether or not I’ll enjoy this game. Obviously, I do enjoy this game. I’ve been playing KoA for years and have invested heavily into my accounts. On my way to SH 50! Now the truth as I see it. I am a VIP cardholder, but even so, those really big accounts keep getting bigger and pulling further away with every new update containing new powerful items.

• Fun game if you join an alliance of similar ranks and levels. IMPORTANT: If you don’t want to spend money on this game, it will be almost impossible to get through level 5 without spending money. If you’re happy with playing the game at a slower pace and are willing to purchase speed-ups then this game can be really fun. Just do your research before upgrading heroes and dragons, both cost a lot of money! Good luck to everyone.

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Why isn’t the MOD version on Google Play?

There are millions of games and apps available on the Google Play Store, but not all of them are immediately available. The game “King Of Avalon”, for example, does not comply with the rules set by Google Play Store which does not provide a modded or premium version of any application. This is the case for this game which is why it is not available on the Google Play Store.

The King of Avalon is a competitive strategy, PvP and battle game that provides tons of depth for hardcore gamers. Fight with knights, dodge enemy attacks and build up your army in time for the final clash against the Black Knight!

You need to delete your previous version of this app before installing a new one. Once it’s deleted, you’ll need to go to your phone’s Settings > General > Security and toggle the button that says Unknown Sources on.

Download non-Google Play Store apps.

Installing this mod app is a piece of cake. All you need to do is follow these steps to install it on your Android device:
1) Enable the installation of unknown apps by opening the Security settings
2) Accept any prompts, or warning messages that show up
3) Download and select the APK file

Download the free PDF.

The file will start to download, and when it’s finished, you can open it.

Simply download the app on your Android device.

Instructions: Follow everything below if needed.

This fantastic game will be your new favorite thing once you finally decide to download and start it. The features are amazing and will keep you hooked for hours on end.

How to Install King of Avalon?


It’s very easy to download and Install King Of Avalon MOD APK. You can either use Bluestacks or NOX player to get it on your phone and laptop. Here is how!

1. First, download and install Bluestacks on your PC. It is an Android emulator that allows you to run any mobile app on your computer.

After installing the emulator, you will have to download the mod from our site.

After downloading, you need to either install the file or “Import From Windows” for installation purposes.

This step involves downloading the app, installing it, and launching it. The installation process has two steps – signing into the account you created and configuring the device to connect.

FAQ: King of Avalon
##5. What is the story?

-King of Avalon is an online role-playing strategy game set in a world inspired by Arthurian legends. Your goal is to battle for control over territory in order to ascend to the throne and become King, or Queen, of Avalon.

##6. How do you play?

-Choose a faction: Ruled under the banner of House Avalon, Wrangel Island resists invasion by Somerled’s forces.  Somerled’s dark army closes in around us as hunger grips our lands, but we must hold fast against his legions lest all fall into despair!

##7. What does it take to become king/queen?

The king/queen must gain control over territories occupied by portals which

How do I become an alliance member with the Kingdom of Avalonia?

You can search for an available alliance by clicking the same-named button on the UI. This is a very easy process that will have you joined sooner than you think. In fact, one of your first priorities should be joining an alliance. You should start taking advantage of Alliance benefits as soon as possible.

How many kingdoms are in the King of Avalon?

As of right now, there are around 300 kingdoms hooked up on the game. Every kingdom has a castle surrounded by four towers located on an island within the confines of a lake. A throne can be found in each castle, which can be fought over in an All-Kingdom War.

On the King of Avalon website, click on ‘Shop’ in the header, enter your Gift Code and click ‘Submit’.

You can open the app by pressing a button on your device.

You can change the player’s avatar (profile icon) by clicking on it at the top left of the screen.

Find the “gift codes” button and click it.

When you open up a document for editing, click the tab that says ‘Edit Document’

The next step is to enter the code from the gift card. After that, click on the “Redeem Code” button to receive the rewards.

We hope you enjoyed the article.

I hope this article clarifies everything you need to know about this game. If not, don’t hesitate to post a comment below and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, please browse through our other articles for more great mods.

All done!

Once you’ve conquered the small kingdom, it’s time to take charge like a king would and start creating your own strategy to win wars. Upgrade mines to produce resources, train an army, and research tactics so that you can conquer every battle and rule the great kingdom.

You don’t actually watch as battles play out. Instead, you see a simplified summary of what occurs for each skirmish. The true strategy is resource management and careful planning of your actions during the field, unit composition, and ascertaining how to keep your city safe from any threats. If you’ve recently arrived in Avalon and are looking for ways to capture Excalibur so it can be wielded by all the righteous people in the land, look no further than our newest King of Avalon guide below!

More information about King Of Avalon MOD APK is available here.

King Of Avalon MOD APK

Latest Version: 14.6.0

Size 2 MB

Developed by Century Games Limited

Platform: Android

This app requires iOS 5.0 or higher.

Globally, 50 million+ users have downloaded our app.

Root not Required?

Unlimited gold, unlocked

Get your hands on the original APK at Google Play.

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King Arthur, one of the most powerful men in the empire, died while he was fighting. His body rests in a fortress on sacred island Avalon next to his mighty sword Excalibur. Excalibur must be resurrected to crown the new king and reunite the kingdom. Many kings at war fight for the power and magic of Excalibur and battle each other for it. However, there is only one place on the King’s Throne for it.

The main thing you’ll want to do in King of Avalon Hack APK is build a mighty city and expand your army. It’s also crucial that you acquire awesome war strategy skills before you participate in battle. On top of that, it’s important to train your magical dragon. And you’ll need to fight medieval enemies like Saracens, Britons, and Saxons! It’s best to join a multiplayer alliance so that you can stay alive against all enemy attacks. But the most important aspect of them all is building the most powerful empire while following three specific rules: check your squad composition; spend resources wisely on walls and troops which heal faster; grow your own food reserves by least one level per hour.

You’ll be embarking on an epic journey to become king! There are four different types of missions, from collecting needed resources to defeating other players’ dragons. Along the way, you can chat, help your friends, trade items with other players from around the world, and fight enemies in multiplayer adventures. King Arthur’s death left his throne empty … Prepare for the Middle Ages!

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King Of Avalon MOD APK is free for Android phones (version 5.0 or higher)

Choose a pricing plan for your needs, and the gold membership will last as long as you need it.

To succeed in King of Avalon, you will need to collect gold. Gold coins are the most valuable resource in the game, and buying this resource with real money is the only way to get it. Gold coins can be used to purchase diverse items and upgrade your heroes in the marketplace. One of many resources that you can earn while playing King of Avalon Hack is gold. This precious metal is the most valuable and should not be ignored!

Everything is unlimited.
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Food, wood, iron, and silver are a few of the other resources available in the game. Troops need nourishment to survive. To live, troops require food. As a result, the more troops you want to play with, the more food you’ll need to create. To keep your army fed at all times, food can be obtained or collected by attacking neighboring towns. Your city will be stronger if you increase the number of farms and produce more food each day. But these methods are time-consuming and not what you require.

You’ll need a mine to gather Iron resources, but you can also collect them without a mine. You can greatly hasten production by upgrading your structures with Iron. There are silver resources too; these are most valuable and can only be obtained through the Silver Mine. Here’s the best way to handle it: Construct as many Silver Mines as you can to boost silver production when you need more of it in order to upgrade and keep progress moving steady.

Fight with fire

Historically, the appearance of the Fire Dragons is a sign of successful combat strategy.

Everyone has their own fantasy. But what if you could have a dragon of your own? As you journey within the fantastic world King of Avalon: Dominion, you’ll learn how to train dragons. Who doesn’t want a magical fire dragon? Train them and add them to your army for an edge against your enemies. A dragon’s power may be comparable to a small army! So don’t pass up the opportunity for these awe-inspiring creatures in your empire.

Improve your grip.

Your fortress is the kingdom’s last line of defense. The higher its level, the more features and facilities will be unlocked. This is critical when you’re playing early in the game!

Before you can completely upgrade the fortress in King of Avalon, you’ll need to upgrade a few buildings as well. One way to go about this is by upgrading your constructions. That way, you won’t risk missing out on potential upgrades and will help save time.

You want to maintain the level of your heroes and dragons, so what are you waiting for?

There are a number of different ways to keep your heroes at the top of their game. One way is to collect hero EXP, which can be obtained by various means. You can also use Hero Shards and Skill Scrolls to boost their fighting strength. Heroes shine when used in battle, but you’ll need more shards for rarer heroes. The benefit of using Hero Shards is that you’re raising the star level of your chosen Hero as well.

In order to stand out, a hero’s ability in combat is key. Hero Skill Scrolls are used for training these individually, as well as Character EXP. Your character’s level has an effect on the output of Hero EXP scrolls.

Go into the field.

By tapping the (insert button), you should be taken to a field where you can explore. There are many resources here, including farms, iron and silver mines and more. One of the most exciting parts of the game is when you explore in other players and monsters!

You will not encounter any battles with other players if their line is white. If the line is red, it means there’s an enemy army attacking your city—prepare your fortress if you have enough time before they get there! We’ll cover how to organize your troops when defending the city in a later tutorial.

You can camp anywhere near a rival player’s city if you want to entice them into attacking your forces. The downside is, if they were you, they’d try to drive you out of their territory with the strongest of their men.

With so many resources available to you, coming to this map more often will help you train more troops, improve the defences of your base, and increase the speed of construction.

Join an Alliance

Joining a clan in King of Avalon can be great for all players. One such example is the alliance research component, which grants a boost to each member based on what has been researched. You can get a boost to the speed at which you train, or even see a boost to the strength of your soldiers. And one really cool thing is that an alliance includes the Gift Locker function.

The Alliance Prize Locker is a feature where every member of the alliance can be rewarded with gold. Alliance members and you too can donate these presents to the players who are present in the alliance. The alliance prize locker has its own special shop, as well as all the fabulous rewards that come from joining one.

Here’s what you hope to find in your inventory:
A quality and budget-friendly espresso machine
A blender that makes smoothies perfect for kids
A set of high-quality kitchenware

While the game offers you a variety of prizes for achieving objectives, it can be tough to understand what each item does. Now is an excellent moment to look through your inventory if you haven’t already.

If you check your inventory on a regular basis, there may be items that are about to expire or that you can’t get rid of anymore. Every week only the newest item will lose its bonus value, but you’ll still be able to use it immediately. Some of the items are resources you may need for certain battles and events.

It’s possible that they are Speedup items if they don’t fit any of them. These things, in particular, can be used to speed up the construction or training time for your city. However, you should plan to only use them when absolutely necessary. For example, imagine an enemy army with lots of troops arrives from afar and you haven’t upgraded your wall yet. You might use a Speedup to work on the wall’s improvements.
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“Dragon Skills”

Dragons are a key component in the Android game King of Avalon APK. They can help you conquer your kingdom and make it grow quickly. Regardless of their capability, they’re not as helpful if they’re not well-established. So Dragons place a premium on skills. With the king of avalon mod apk download, you can give your dragons different skills depending on their rank. The most significant skill categories are divided into four different types: attack, defense, gathering, and monsters. We also have 8 sub-skills for each category of these 4 main skills. Each major skill has an option assigned to it–the Guardian and Assault Skills Slots. You’ll be able to unlock the Dragons Skills Slots

EXP for Dragons is unlimited.

Dragons need to be upgraded in order to gain access to more Dragon Skills and Dragon Skill Slots. You can also upgrade them to level 70, which ordinarily requires nine-hundred sixty-one million experience points. To level up your dragons, use the King of Avalon Mod APK with this fantastic feature.

War! Everywhere

Join a multiplayer kingdom war alliance!

Dragons are awesome.

Send a spy to watch your friends

You can chat with our bots and play games.

Attack Master Army

The Motto of the Empire Builder

Immerse yourself in realistic gameplay as you complete missions.

Cool Free Fantasy MMO Adventure!


The MOD Unlocked app hacks the metadata of the device and then unlocks the full features for apps that are otherwise limited.

Player Reviews

Reviews from the players.

– I’m almost at the end of the game, but wait! There’s so much more. It’s tricky to do P2P now but it’s expected. I must say that this game is different for me than other games. For example, with this game it stands between love and hate: to start playing Fantasy Warlord and make a lot of success with it or to spend years in Knights of Atheria and to invest heavily in my account. At the end, I credit it all by becoming a VIP cardholder and get access to lot of facilities that other players don’t have on their cards which contributes in making individually stronger accounts robbing from other players or myself – . Now the truth as I see it, there are so many very powerful items we’ll need expensive power-ups in order to open up their long-term rewards

• If you want to get the best rewards, it’s definitely worth spending a little money. It will take a long time to be top of your kingdom without spending any money. Of course, it may not be worth it if you enjoy the pace of the game. You can spend as much or as little as you like and have a good time playing. However, if you’re interested in succeeding in this game at higher levels, I recommend saving your speed-ups or gold for upgrades. You should also do some research on strategies if you’re trying to maintain your kingdom and keep up with the demands of fighting against other kingdoms. Good luck!

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Why Isn’t The MOD Version Available On Google Play?

King of Avalon is not in the Google Play Store because Google restricts the availability of modded or premium apps.

King of Avalon is a massively multiplayer online browser game set in the middle ages. The player’s goal is to form a kingdom, build an army and defend the kingdom. To install King of Avalon MOD APK, you will need to follow these steps:

To start, first delete any previous version of this game on your device. Next, go to your Android settings, head over to the Security page, then uncheck the box next to unknown sources(boy we hope that doesn’t become necessary).

Set up your phone to install applications from outside sources

Installing the mod APK file of this app is very easy. Here are a few steps to get it on Android devices.

Click the download button below to download.

Wait for the download to finish, then open the file.

To install the app on your android device, please follow the instructions below.

So far, this is straightforward. Just do what the instructions say and you’ll be fine.

This software might look complicated, but it’s actually easy to install, start, and enjoy. Just follow the steps in the instruction package and you’ll be up and running in no time.

How to install the King Of Avalon mod on PC?

This is a sentence rewriter.

Installing King of Avalon Mod APK on a PC is very easy. To do it, you can either use Bluestacks or NOX player. Here’s how to do it.

1. To start, you’ll need to download and install the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your computer. This is a free application that will allow you to run any mobile app on your PC.

2. After downloading the emulator, you’ll need to download the APK for the mod from our site.

Unpack the compressed file and run it. Or, if you downloaded from Windows, launch “Import From Windows” to begin installation.

When you install the App and click on the Launch button, you’re all set.

Join the alliance with the Chief of Avalon by clicking on “Alliances” and click on the button saying “Join Alliances”

Here’s how you can join an Alliance in King of Avalon.In fact, we highly recommend that you start taking advantage of Alliance benefits right away. You’ll find an available one by clicking its button on the UI.

Let’s be honest: How many kingdoms are in the King of Avalon video game?

There are around 300 kingdoms active at the moment.

What is the King of Avalon gift code?

Open Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Click on the player avatar (profile icon) at the top left corner of the screen.

Simply find and click on the gift codes button.

Now, a text box will pop up. …

Click on the redeem code button to get your reward.

Well, that’s it.

I hope after reading this article you feel more knowledgeable about the business of video games. You’re welcome to ask questions in the comment box and we will be glad to answer them. Check out our other articles if you’d like to learn more about mods!