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Magic Call MOD APK Wizardry Call is an application created by BNG Versatile that permits you to change your voice while
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November 15, 2022
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Magic Call MOD APK

Sorcery Call MOD APK Application Outline

Magic Call MOD APK  Wizardry Call is an application created by BNG Versatile that permits you to change your voice while on the telephone shortly. To change your voice in any of your calls, basically, open the application, pick a voice, then press the call button on the reach you need to change your voice while on the telephone. You can look over an assortment of voice impacts to make your voice sound like an animation, a lady, or a beauty queen. Additionally, you can redo the foundation sounds, like downpours, traffic, and party commotion. You can likewise utilize sound emojis like a kiss, applaud, etc.

It’s not improper to utilize voice transformer projects to yank web menaces and gain some self-appreciation, similarly as it’s not unseemly to change your voice to play around with loved ones. Sorcery Call may likewise change your manner of speaking, permitting you to stay unknown while talking with outsiders. The product accompanies various tone choices. More or less, Sorcery Call is an application that permits you to change your voice! This phenomenal program, which has north of 5 million clients around the world, permits you to change your voice rapidly. To perform what this application can do these days, you needn’t bother with any product or ability to alter! Likewise, You can talk as though you’re an alternate individual on the telephone and modify your voice continuously utilizing this product.

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Sorcery Call MOD APK Highlights
Stormy Audio effects

For instance, assuming you’re in your room, you can change the sound of downpour into clamor so the individual on the opposite stopping point believes it’s pouring where you are, and you can mislead him by making reasons.

A huge number of Voices Magic Call MOD APK

This is one of the application’s most basic elements. This bright program lets you re-make your voice and change it for different sexes and ages. It has different voices, including female, male, kid, animation, and robot. It changes your voice so emphatically that you will not have the option to let know if it’s you or not. We are not being uncalled for if we announce that this application is the most incredible on the planet. This component of the application adds to its allure of the application. After hearing your entertaining voice, you will get a fantastic and silly reaction from your loved ones.

Benefit from it Magic Call MOD APK

This program can assist you with bringing in cash rapidly and easily, allowing you a decent opportunity to benefit from this engaging programming. Isn’t it phenomenal that an application gives you the likelihood to bring in cash? By presenting your loved ones, you can bring in cash. This unbelievable program permits you to benefit from it. You just require application credits, which you might get by suggesting individuals. You may bring in cash with this entertaining programming after finishing the reference cycle.

Phenomenal Enhancement

This entertaining and intriguing project is totally easy to use. This application is extremely light and works without slacking on any low-end gadget. Wizardry Call is a fabulous program that runs so flawlessly that there is no buffering. You’ll have loads of fun with this application, which is the reason it’s turning out to be so famous.

Downloading is sans risk.

The most widely recognized issue that clients have is whether downloading the Enchanted Call application is free from even a hint of harm. Subsequently, we’ll be altogether fair with you and let you know that your gadget won’t be hurt in any capacity. Downloading the Enchanted Call application from our site is no problem at all. You can download it with complete certainty, as it won’t request any interesting authorizations from your gadget. This application won’t hurt your telephone, so unwind and have a great time.


This application is accessible free of charge for download and utilization; no buy is important to utilize it. You simply have to download it once on the off chance that you approach Wi-Fi or an informal association. After then, at that point, you can utilize this drawing-in and engaging programming without spending any cash. It is allowed to utilize. Each component in this program is free; you won’t be approached to pay any bizarre expenses or sums. The greater part of these applications is charged and needs a lot of cash consistently or weekly. In any case, this program is free, and it contains plenty of valuable highlights that won’t cost you anything. For that reason, most of its clients appreciate it.

Various voices to pick from.

What’s far and away superior is that there are various voices to pick from! You can adjust the voice to female, manly, animated, or typical in this part. With this product, you can trick your loved ones into thinking another person is calling them rather than you! There are countless choices with this application, and it’s just a tap away.


While on the telephone with somebody here, you can change your voice! This additionally permits you to change your voice during the call to make things significantly more seriously entertaining. This will empower you to direct various entertaining exercises as well as participate in serious discussions. You can utilize this product to make yourself mysterious to bothersome guests regardless of whether you wish to involve it for the sake of entertainment.

Add emojis

You might try and change your experience sounds to make maybe you’re in a particular area! You might cause it to show up as though you’re calling from a show, traffic, or a wet area, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Likewise, You can add comical minutes to your call by utilizing emojis like applaud, kiss, and numerous others.

Limitless Credits

Is it true or not that you are searching for a method for getting a few free credits? Evaluate the Enchanted Call Mod Apk and get an endless measure of FREE additional credits only for joining. What are you sitting tight for? Go to and get your free credits. This element of the Enchanted Call application transforms commotion into traffic sound, giving your buddies the feeling that you are halted in rush hour gridlock and subsequently unfit to contact them soon, and numerous different clarifications. You will see boundless credits in Sorcery Call mod APK, from which you might open numerous extra sounds, as well as multiple different capabilities with the utilization of these free credits.

No promotions

You won’t see any promotions in the mod form of the Enchanted Call application, though in the first adaptation, you will be shown different sorts of video notices while conversing with somebody, which is very irritating, yet presently you can do trick calling with your companions without being annoyed by ads.