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Youtube Premium Vanced APK Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, with millions of videos uploaded daily.
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October 12, 2022
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Youtube Premium Vanced APK

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, with millions of videos uploaded daily. Searching Youtube Premium Vanced APK allows you to find anything that you’re interested in quickly and easily. YouTube has a variety of categories, including funny clips, music videos, movie clips and more. It’s just a matter of minutes before you’ll have what you need watching on Youtube. When it comes to advertisements, YouTube is notorious for its intrusive and annoying ads that show between videos. Basically, content creators monetize their videos through Adsense. However, most viewers don’t like these ads as the disturbance of seeing a commercial before the video takes place takes focus away from the main content. Do you want to watch videos and listen to music, but don’t allow ads interrupting the experience? Have no fear! Youtube Vanced APK is here. It removes your ads and has all the cool features other applications have. But, for a limited time, until this app changes ownership or is removed from the Play Store, you can get the Youtube Vanced MOD APK that includes all these features and more. You need to install MicroG in order to upload your account. Without it, the add account button won’t do anything. The Premium APK for TiviTalk is here! Download your favorite iPhone & Android app, and start live-streaming talk shows only on this app!

Is YouTube Vanced MOD APK right for you?

App Name Youtube Vanced Premium

Platform: Android

Size 43 MB

In the fall of 2017, we released Version 17.39.34

Worldwide Downloads: Over 1,000,000

Without the root required?

Features Blocked Ads, listen to music in the background, changing resolutions, switching themes
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This article includes a promotion for Snaptube Premium+VIP. If you would like to download an Ad-Free version of the app, please click the link below for more information.

Youtube Vanced MOD APK features

Here is a list of features you can enjoy with our app, Youtube Vanced.

Want to block those pesky ads? Just follow the step-by-step tutorial and you’ll be able to visit the Blocked Annoying Ads section whenever you want.

One of the best features of Youtube Vanced MOD APK is that it takes away all the ads that we find disruptive and annoying. Listening to music or watching a video can be a continuous and uninterrupted experience, without being interrupted by unwanted ads. It also lets you support your favorite channels with ads, so you can enjoy their content and they earn revenue from those ads.

Enjoying All Youtube Features

YouTube Vanced Premium APK is street-cred to make it feel like you’re using the official version, even though it’s not. It features all of the same functions as the original app, so new users can easily figure out its interface. This is why YouTube Vanced Premium APK is great for convenience and usability!


Currently, there is a new family-safe YouTube app out. It’s called the YouTube Vanced, and it allows parents to watch videos about their children’s favorite topics with them. Imagine you have a 10-year-old with an uncontrollable addiction to Cabbage Patch Kids that nobody knows about–now you can find out what your child is really into without disturbing anybody. It’s time for kids to access media that actually supports their healthy development instead of filling them with violent or inappropriate content.

MicroG is a software development company.

What if you could find all the videos you wanted to watch on YouTube, but it required rooting your phone and downloading an app? You’ll still be able to access every feature of YouTube, but you’ll need a program called Micro G for that. This program enables you to log in on phones without root access!

Watching videos in floating windows doesn’t take any extra time, it just means you spend less time watching the video and more time doing other things.

Another convenient function in this app is the capability to watch videos while your Android device is doing something else. You’ll be able to create a floating window that displays the content of your videos so you can still watch YouTube while browsing or taking notes.

Listen to music in the background

Learn from the pros with this additional feature on YouTube. Now users can also listen to music or informational videos in the background, allowing them to do other things on their phone without having to keep your YouTube app open. And you can even turn off your smartphone screens and still be able to hear the music! This is very handy for those who often use the features of their YouTube app.

Change the date and time
Hides email address from spam

If you’re into videos, watching them on YouTube can feel like a hassle. Luckily, in the YouTube app, you’ll have features that will make your experience more enjoyable and convenient. There are resolutions that can be set to match your screen resolution, so users posing problems with video views won’t find it as irritating as they usually do.
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We’ve created a neat Swipe Controls plugin that lets you easily transition between slides.

The app’s intuitive swipe controls, which users can use with their fingers on the two sides of the screen to push up or down the brightness and sound, ensure a continuous and focused video experience. Another fun feature is a “blue light killer” countdown timer that eliminates blue light emitted from your phone. So you won’t have to worry about disturbing your retinas!


Another standout feature of the app is that it allows you to watch videos in a repeating mode, such as looping the video continuously when it ends. This lets you easily watch your favorite playlist or MV over and over again without manually having to reconfigure.

What You Will Learn

YouTube Vanced Hack APK lets you exporve videos on your Android device. This is especially true if you want to zoom in and out of videos. This is useful when trying to spot certain details being displayed in a video, but it won’t work on low-resolution videos because when you zoom in the pixels will burst, obscuring everything that you’re seeing.

Speed up your life

Youtube Vanced Hack APK is made by members of the Youtube app team, and it offers similar features as the regular app. It includes a feature that allows you to choose desired playback speeds. This is particularly helpful for rap users who often want to play at different speeds.

It’s completely free to watch the livestream.

Artists, actors, and other famous figures have their own YouTube accounts which they use to share and engage with their followers. You’ll be able to join their live stream at scheduled times when doing so is appropriate, ask your questions, and even speak to your idol as they respond in-video. Simply leave a comment below the video on YouTube.

If you’re a streamer, Livestream gives you a place to showcase your content and grow your followers. You’ll know some names like Pewdiepie, who streams amazing content on a regular basis. He continues to cover the latest gaming and entertainment news, product launches, or anything else he feels is entertaining for his millions of viewers and subscribers.


New YouTube features are trending these days. There is now discovery, which allows you to locate exclusive editor-selected content as well as your favorite categories like Games, News, Music and more.

YouTube has introduced two new features: Story and Short Video. These are basically like a social media platform where people join your story. If they like what they see, they can share it on their own story or leave public comments on it.

In the background,

From the start, YouTube has been a source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. People sometimes prefer YouTube instead of MP3 programs because YouTube’s videos can be paused just by turning off the screen instead of having to exit out of the program. As a result, the background music feature was created. The Premium plan has this feature and it comes with a few other perks. For the best experience, people need to pay monthly or annually for the premium plan. Our APK version is perfect for everyone; it’s absolutely free!

In short, to make your life easier, we don’t need ads.

Play out loud.

The 4K resolution ensures that the TrueDepth camera will capture facial expressions with more clarity and detail.

The great thing about Blogger is that it’s completely customizable. You can change the theme to fit your brand and company’s personality, or create a completely unique, custom theme. The choice is all yours.

Slide your finger across the screen to adjust brightness and volume.

Automatic Loop.

Zoom in.

Our product is different.

YouTube Vanced users can now choose a three different themes: Black, Dark, and White. Someone looking to soothe their eye might prefer the Dark theme, while someone who wants to safeguard their eyes might prefer the White theme. Each theme allows users to preview content, place live tiles on their homepage, customize all of the user interface’s colors and fonts to better match their taste.

YouTube Vanced MOD APK is a popular YouTube app with over 24,000 5-star reviews.

Why does the app stop playing video when you turn your phone 90 degrees?

Marcel Jong: Finally, no annoying ads when watching Youtube Premium Vanced APK videos.

Vince Jairo Silang: I’ve been using this app for a while now, but I didn’t realize it could play videos while returning focus to your home screen. This is not convenient at all!

Carolyn Cheng: Constantly crashes. Unable to play videos when horizontally. I don’t mind ads because the video quality matters most to me, but not at the expense of the video being cut off at the bottom for advertising space on top. That was my killer for this app.

Russell Johnston: The app seems fairly buggy. When I switch from portrait to landscape mode, the video stops. There are also problems with being unable to load comments and also technical issues with loading YouTube videos without ads.

There should be an app called the MOD version on Google Play that would serve as a replacement to music downloading. Why can’t you find this app?

There are millions of apps, games and videos available on the Google play store. But to have an app or game featured in the “Featured” section, it needs to fulfill certain standards that Google sets for all apps & games. Vanced MOD does not meet these standards because the google play doesn’t provide a premium version of any application. This is why Vanced MOD isn’t featured in the google play store.

How to install YouTube Vanced MOD APK on Android?

In order to get Youtube Premium Vanced APK working, first you’ll want to uninstall any previous versions of the app from your device. Then, on your device’s settings page, you should select Security and check the box marked Unknown Sources.

The mod apk file for this app is very easy to install. If you want to install this app on Android devices, here are a few steps you can follow.

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Open the app once it has fully downloaded.

Download the app to your Android device and start saving time for your home.

The instructions with the product are straightforward and easy to follow.

Get the features and benefits of this fantastic app.

Users of YouTube Vanced MOD can use their favorite features on PC.

You can use this app easily by downloading and installing the PC version. But, this is a Custom Android Version, so you will have to install an emulator in order to use this app. There are many amazing and easy-to-use emulators available that include Blustacks, NoxPlayer, Andoird Studio, etc. I personally prefer Blustacks because it’s free and easy to use.

There is a variety of ways to enjoy YouTube in its entirety on Windows, OSX, and Linux. Choose whichever suits you best!

Bluestacks is a free mobile emulator that lets you run Android apps on your desktop or laptop device.

Just click on the link below to download the toolkit.
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Wait until the download completes, then right-click on the APK and choose Open with -> Nox VPN Connector.

With the emulator, you can install APK files and access them on either a PC or emulator. The choice is yours!

Launch Youtube Vanced MOD from the home screen of your Android Emulator manually and follow all the instructions. Enjoy this fantastic app!